Beijing Seeks Collaboration with Arab States on Key Issues: President Xi

Beijing Seeks Collaboration with Arab States on Key Issues: President Xi

BEIJING: China aims to work with Arab nations to address pressing issues in ways that promote fairness, justice, and long-term peace and stability, President Xi Jinping stated in a speech on Thursday, which also touched on the Gaza crisis.

At the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum in Beijing, Xi emphasized strengthening relations with Arab states as a model for maintaining global peace and stability, according to state media.

Addressing the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Xi remarked that war cannot go on indefinitely, and justice must not be absent. He underscored the importance of upholding a “two-state solution” for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli crisis.

“In a turbulent world, mutual respect is essential for harmony, and fairness and justice are the foundations of lasting security,” Xi was quoted by Xinhua news.

Xi spoke to the heads of state from Bahrain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Tunisia, along with foreign ministers from other Arab League nations.

China has consistently advocated for a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, an immediate ceasefire, and Palestinian membership in the United Nations, positions closely aligned with those of Arab nations.

China is increasing its diplomatic influence in the region. Recently, it hosted the first talks between the long-feuding Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah on Chinese soil. Last year, China brokered a landmark reconciliation between Iran and Saudi Arabia, ending years of hostility between the two rivals.

The Gaza crisis threatens to escalate into a broader conflict, especially with recent tit-for-tat attacks between Israel and Iran.

“China should understand that cooperation between Arab countries and the United States will continue. The ongoing Gaza-Israel war and the Palestinian issue will be key focuses of this meeting, with both sides reiterating support for a two-state solution,” said Hongda Fan, a professor at the Middle East Studies Institute of Shanghai International Studies University.

Xi pledged China’s continued support for alleviating the humanitarian crisis and post-war rebuilding in Gaza, offering an additional 500 million yuan ($69 million) in emergency humanitarian aid.

China will also donate $3 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East to support emergency assistance in Gaza. Additionally, Xi announced plans for further cooperation with Arab states in the oil and gas sectors and larger-scale investments.

Xi committed support for Chinese energy companies and financial institutions to participate in renewable energy projects with a total installed capacity of more than three million kilowatts in Arab countries.

As a major buyer of Gulf energy, China saw bilateral trade with the Gulf reach $286.9 billion in 2023, with Saudi Arabia accounting for nearly 40 percent of that trade, according to Chinese customs data. Xi also announced that China will host the second China-Arab States Summit in 2026.


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